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In 1906 Samuel Lincoln Rose built and ran a grist mill on the property. He kept a portion of what he ground up for the locals as payment.. Sam raised 11 children  by this spring. He was deeded this property and 500 acres around it, from the railroad because of an accident at work. He leased out part of the land to 4 farmers.  He had a moonshine still somewhere in the woods nearby and the corn meal from the Grist Mill and water from the spring was what produced the shine.


Grist Mill operated around 1906

In the early 1990's, the water wheel from the Grist Mill was moved to Renfro Valley Entertainment Center, renovated, and put into operation at their mill, located on U.S. Highway 25.  The old log corn crib used by the mill still stands on the site today. The crib over 100 years old is 8' x 16' and constructed of spruce logs. Mr. Rose's children were locked in the corn crib as punishment for bad behavior on many occassions as they were growing up. Mr. Rose eventually came back to the area, became a minister at a local church, and is buried nearby at the Jonetta Cemetary.



Around 1932 when the US government was purchasing land for the Daniel Boone National Forest, the spring area was used as a camp site for 250 to 300 men that were surveying the adjoining land for the forest. Rockcastle Springs is still used today by many local residents to obtain their drinking water. People come from a distance of over 30 miles to the spring for pure and natural spring water. 




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